SYBASE native driver

I am reposting this 'cause I got no response earlier.  This time, a bit
more clarification.  I have a C++Builder application using TDataModule
object that contains a number of TStoredProc objects that use the BDE
alias as database (DatabaseName property, which links to BDE aliases).
When I try to activate the stored procedure, I get prompt for user name
and password, then the error box that says
"Your application is not enabled for use with this driver.  Alias <alias
name>".  If I use the ODBC driver for Sybase instead of the native one,
things work OK.  I would rather use native drivers.  Does anyone know
how to get around this?  Do I need a more advanced version of the SYBASE
driver than what ships with C++Builder, or whatever application
installed that driver?

Kenneth C. Beck, PhD
Pulmonary Function Lab
Mayo Clinic
Rochester MN, USA