Job Posting - Director of Development

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Job Posting - Director of Development
SofTech Inc., located in Douglas County - the heart of Oregon's forest
country, is in search of software development team leader to direct and
manage out our development production team.  This employee will design,
architect, document, give presentations on, develop, test, and improve
specialized commercial software applications using various development
tools.  This employee's role will be to take a proven prototype product and
prepare it for national market release.  They will be focal in the
formulation of software solutions to an emerging product market with a
mandatory focus on timely deliveries.  Over time, the successful candidate
will also research, propose, and present development plans for new or
emerging projects.  Additionally, this department head will manage and
direct teams of internal and contract employees in designing, developing,
customizing, adapting, and refining existing products for new sales as well
as be responsible for creative problem solving, end user service
improvements, and business proposals for company refinements related to
their department.

SofTech Inc. is a family owned business with a proven track record of
superior products and customer service.  With over 40K satisfied customers
nationwide and 10 years of innovative software solutions, SofTech Inc. is
poised to leverage its experience in the credit industry into a new national
market.  With a current product in a niche market and national customers
ready to place orders, we are ready for growth and seeking employees with
dedication and heart to grow with us into a prosperous future.  We have a
close knit and informal workforce that focuses on quality and dependability
but balances idealism and reality.  To us, family is first and our work
environment flexibility makes our occupations blend with real life.  We
offer competitive benefits, flexible work hours, and production incentives.

Ideal candidates will have verifiable experience in commercial product
development, an expert level knowledge of Delphi and command of data base
development (SQL), and a focus on timely deliverables.  Technical experience
should include un-impeachable communication skills with cross-functional
assets, complex problem solving, and an ability to seek unconventional
solutions to the benefit of the company.  Qualified candidates must be
experienced in commercial deliverables with an extensive project history.
They will need to have a hunger for self-improvement and team success, this
is NOT an opportunity for the less experienced.  In considering candidates,
more emphasis will be placed on experience and contribution than formal
education or degrees - no prima donnas, please.

Additional Information
Salary:  Depending on experience

Job Titles: Director of Product Development / Team Member, Product

Position: Full Time

Location: In House, Roseburg, Oregon

Those interested in being considered for these or other positions with
SofTech Inc. should contact Dean Vincent at 541.440.9191 or 800.727.5594 or
mail resume, references, salary requirements, and examples of work to
SofTech Inc., POB 1346, Roseburg, OR 97470 or the e-mail