BDE and Networks (HELP!)


I have a couple questions about the BDE (dBase tables) and networks.

1).  Does the BDE have to be installed on each client machine or can it be
installed on the network and have all machines point to it?

2). What does  the message "Not initialize for network access" actually
mean?  Does it mean that the BDE cannot be installed on the network or that
the tables are not setup for network access?

Here is what I have run into ....

I have an application that is stored on a network drive with it's tabes and
the BDE is installed in another network drive.  The application runs fine
on Win NT and Novell servers, but does not work on IBM LAN server.  When I
mean "does not work" I mean that when a query is run I get a "not
initialized for network access" exception.

My "gut" feeling is that the BDE has to be installed on each client.  I
have other application that are configured this way and they work great.

Thanks in advance.

Mark Klaamas,