We are having a serious problem that we cannot rectify.  We are using
Corel Suite 8 and cannot get our Merge from Delphi 3 to work.  We just
get the run-around from Boralnd and Corel.  We are a big time
WordPerfect user, but will have to change to Word for all of our users,
I guess, because the support for OLE is very week.  When we try to merge
date from Delphi 3 into WordPerfect we get the error "The Method or
Property is not found in the products object description."  This error
message is eroneus.  We seem to be able to all the other functions we
need; i.e. printing, saving, creating merge files, etc.  But we cannot
do the actual merge of data.  I am sick and tired of bothe Corel and
Borland an their wothless promises.  Has anyone out ther made this work.

Thanks -- Mark VanOrden