dBase date fields, Delphi and ReportSmith

I am having a problem using dBase date fields with ReportSmith.  I
have a dBase file with a date field (NXTDATE).  I created a
ReportSmith report which uses a report variable to ask the user to
enter a date.  I have declared the report variable as type `date'.  If I
don't do this the report will not find any records.  This date is used
to select all records newer than this date.  When I run this report
directly it works as expected.

I then tried to launch this report using the TReport object from
inside my Delphi program.  Date strings entered into TEdit objects and
then passed to ReportSmith do not work.  I can pass string variables to
ReportSmith's string report variables with no problem.  I have done this
on other reports, but dates are driving me nuts!  What do I need to do
to make entering dates in Delphi and having them work as expected in

- David  dhar...@neosoft.com