Borland Pascal, etc

I have a few questions, inquiries... :)

- Is there going to be a Borland Pascal 8?  Any Ideas?

- What would cause Turbo Profiler to pop up the message no symbol table?
  I can't seem to get it working right :(  Also, can Turbo Profiler be used
  in Turbo Pascal or just Borland Pascal?

- Can someone tell me what they use for optimum settings... (sounds
  corny, but I have almost given up!).  I think I have turbo pascal set up
  fine... I have everything off that increases the EXE's file size, and
  everything seems to run fine.  I am worried about compatibilty though.
  I know messing with the math co emulation etc affects program size and
  weather or not the program will run on an SX, so I have em both off.
  Basically {grin} I just want to know what will create the smallest .EXE
  and the most compatible with all machines / problems that can come up.

- Finally... why does a program compiled in BP end up being bigger than the
  exact same program compiled with TP?  I am sure I have all my compiler
  options/switches the same!?  Weird.

Anyways, thanks for any answers I get...