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StringGrid col[0] loses text


Col[0] is a FixedCol, and I put the 24 hour clock times in each row,
in the fashion row 5 = 1:00, row 6 = :15, 7 = :30, 8 = :45 etc etc.

On some systems, always using 800 X 600, digits disappear from the
times, even though the column width is 50, which appears to be more
than adequate.

I notice that cell text truncates whole words, that is if Cells[2,3]
contains 'Smith; Browningheimeropolous', the display is truncated to

Col[0] uses DT_RIGHT OR DT_WORDBREAK in the DrawCell event, while the

Any tips would be appreciated.

Regards & TIA


Re:StringGrid col[0] loses text

Sorry, I was told that another person had checked the possibility that
DT_WORDBREAK was causing the problem, and they hadn't, and it was
(causing the problem) and now it is Ok.


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