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Logical problem


I'm having troubles finding a way out the next problem.  All datastructures
are fixed and cannot be changed anymore.

I'm having a temptable from which to print of.  It contains 1 field with an
code for the employee and 28 fields which can contain a project code (28
days = 4 weeks).  A certain project has a colour code assigned, and this
information is stored in another table with 16 records, each containing a
fixed color and the project its assigned to.

Now I must be able to print this temptable under Crystal reports.  The main
problem is that I dunno how to link the 28 fields to the colortable.
How do I position the colortable to the correct project for each of the 28
fields ?
Can one position a table using formula's ???

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Jacobs Jan


Re:Logical problem

If I understood well, you want to link to each project (28 per record) its
colour gotten from a colourtable.

One possible solution is to create 28 calculated  fields in your table and
in the OnCalcFields event, place the colours in these fields. If project
code is a key in the colourtable, you can instead use lookup fields.


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