WINSOCK - TCP/IP Servers Source-Code

DXSOCK v2.0.9 (

DXSock v2.0.9, the new version of the most acclaimed TCP/IP Server
Development Suite for Delphi and C++Builder is gearing for release.

HTTP/1.1, FTP (w/resume), SMTP, POP3, IMAP4, IRC, NNTP, MUD, Telnet,
Gopher, MessageBase, ... (and many others)

40+ ADD-ONS:
file caching, internet message handling, HTML parsing, DNS query,
cached logging, MX resolving, SMTP relaying, ... (and much more)

The fastest, the most reliable, the most complete set of components
to build top-level TCP/IP servers! And it comes with 8+ Mbytes of
samples and full docs!

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