Passing huge pointer to C-DLL's

After several tries I couldn't implement the following function found
in a C-DLL:

C- Code
// read a complete frame into buffer
        void _export VCVideoFrameRead(void huge *pBuf);

There seems to be problem when I translate it to the following Delphi
Pascal code:

Delphi- Code
// read a complete frame into buffer
        procedure VCVideoFrameRead(pBuf: Pointer); external 'VICAM32';

The data that is transferred from the Video Camera isn't placed in the
buffer that pBuf points to. Is there any solution or better way to
translate the 'huge *pBuf' c- code?

Video camera: compro internet camera
dll: Vicam32.DLL
Buffer: 640 X 480 X 24 bytes = 921600 bytes
OS: Win95
Kris De Decker
After all is said and done a whole lot more is said than done...