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Announce - Team Indy - Live Q&A - Meet Indy Core

Announce - Team Indy - Live Q&A - Meet Indy Core

Team Indy are proud to announce a live "INDY Q&A / MEET INDY CORE" on
Monday 5th August 2002 at 9pm GMT.

This is an experimental web-event to gauge interest in similar events in the

The event is free, and is initially an open forum where the moderators will
attempt to answer basic questions you may have about using Indy. Please note
that this
is not a forum where the team will write your code for you! ....  rather it
one where we will attempt to answer any "getting started" one-liners you may
have, or set
you back on the "Indy road" if you have encountered a simple block.

We hope to have as many members of Indy core online at that time as
possible, but please
remember Indy members are located in different time-zones so you might not
get to meet
everyone !

In the case of anything requiring complex explanations, bugs encountered,
application specific requirements, etc, you should still use the standard
support options available at:


* Anything the moderators feel is not suited to the forum will be referred
to the standard support options.

* Be polite, and wait until questions have been answered before asking a new

* Please observe standard netiquette - be polite and no 'cussin :-)   !

For this trial-run, the event will be presented using IRC.

You may log in at the appointed time to:

Irc host:
Port: 6667

Once connected, please join the Indy forum #Indy

To participate in the forum you will require an IRC client. One such client
is available at

(In Mirc, you can join the forum by typing "/JOIN #INDY" - in other clients
may have to type the command "/LIST" before attempting to join.)

We look forward to seeing you there !


Team Indy.


ps: We will be running a test forum on Sat 3rd August 2002 at 9pm GMT
to ensure there are no technical issues. We would encourage anyone who
wishes to drop by and say hello, on the understanding that the
actual "Q&A / Meet the Team" will take place on the following Monday.


Allen O'Neill
Springboard Technologies Limited


Re:Announce - Team Indy - Live Q&A - Meet Indy Core

For those not familiar with IRC, Andy Neillans has put together
an informative page with instructions how to get started quick.

This is page is available at:


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