Error with SQL Server

It's obviously the problem with client library.
The error means you can't execute more than one result query on the same
connection, that is - you can't execute next query on the same connection
until you close the first query or fetch all its records.

What are you using? SQL links? ADO? third party?
As far as I know BDE and ODBC don't have this problem as they share

Robert Cerny
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Argiris Petromelidis wrote in message <88oect$>...
>Can any one explain me what this error mean?
>I 've tried  to understand it but I failed.
>It happens when I apply updates or trying to refresh data.

>I am using Delphi5 with patch 1, SQL Server 7.0 patch 1

>"Key Violation.
>General SQL error
>[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver] Connection is busy with results for
>another hstmt"

>Any comment will be most helpfull and appreciated.
>Thank's in advance
>Argiris Petromelidis
>Computer Team