NET files, NETWARE, and file handles

Here's something that got me this past week; hopefully this will save
somebody some headaches ...

Installed a moderately complex app on a Novell network. The customer is
still using Win 3.1, so we're talking Delphi 1 here. At the time I delivered
it, the app ran just fine on my machine, including running multiple
instances to simulate multi-user access.

The day I installed the app, my phone started ringing off the hook --
"Multiple NET files found", "General protection fault", "Lock file has grown
too large", "Error initializing Borland Database Engine", and others I've
forgotten, but you get the idea.

It turned that one user at a time could use the app OK, but when additional
users tried to log on and do data entry or run reports, the thing would go
berserk with the errors indicated above.

To make a long story short, the problem was the FILES setting in config.sys.
They were all set to 40, which is too low for Paradox. I raised the setting
to 100, and the problems went away. Having worked with Paradox since version
2.0, I knew this already; Pdox is a file handle hog, for sure. But it
slipped my mind this time ...

So watch out for this if your app exhibits symptoms like I describe above.