"Lock file grown too large"

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>>My application is working on two computers, connected by WFW3.11.
>>I am working with Paradox tables, located on computer 1.
>>After using the application for a moment, computer 2 is displaying these
>>"lock file grown too large"
>>"too many open files"
>>I tried everything I could (MAXFILEHANDLES in IDAPI, FILES and BUFFERS in
>>config.sys, ...)

>When no one is using any Paradox tables just delete the all the
>.LCK files on your system. They will be recreated as required.

I have discovered that deleting the .LCK file works also, but in my database,
7-10 people could be using the database, and in the afternoon, the .LCK file
has grown to 40MB and can't be removed except by getting everyone out
of the program. Also, various __QBxx query temporary files are created.

Anyone have any suggestions?