Need help for a pascal pre-complier

Hi, everyone

I need a precomplier for standard pascal. output is a file of standard
pascal program source code, input is a file of  same at most code, but
one special is user can use a record expression to assign value to
record-type variable directly,like this:

   var test: record
          i: integer;
          j: real;
        case m:(s,x) of
test:=(5,6.5;Union s(5,false));

Output:  ...
      test.i:=5; test.j:=6.5; test.m:=s; test.a:=5;test.b:=false;

Union is a keyword to represent variant of record type(can be replaced by
any words, it's optional ). s is a tag_value The pre-complier  translates
the special record-expresion to standard record assignment. other is same
as input. who  have the pre-complier or similar program? or any
information about it and it's programming. please contact with me. sooner
and better! Thanks a lot!


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