Q:Crystal Reports to act like ReportSmith?

Hi all,
   I've used Report Smith with Delphi and liked the fact that
ReportSmith itself can pop-up dialog boxes which ask the user for date
ranges, and other report variables, which are used in queries.  
Now I'm in a situation where I need to use Crystal Reports (16-bit v5.0)
and I don't know how to have the same thing happen.  
Q:Does Crystal even have such a "pop-up" feature like ReportSmith?
Q:Am I going to be stuck having to create my own pop-up boxes for each
report and using the "Formulas[]" (?) variable?

Any tips on how to make Crystal more "developer friendly" so that I can
rely on the report to ask the user for query parameters, etc.?

Thanks in advance!
Mike Low
Parsippany, NJ