Delphi 4.03 and BDE 5.01 memory leaks with Oracle 8


I experience a very strange behaviour :
 When I prepare a query before executing it with Orable 8 native
driver (BDE 5.01), the memory used by the application increases after
each "open" of the query. Until we get "Out of Memroy" error.

After investigating this memory is released when the default session
is freed (when the application closes).

Even if we specify another session explicitly for the database and for
every TQuery  the leaks occurs on the default session (we have tried
to free up the datamodule and re-create it dynamicly to deallocate the
session, but as it's the default session that leaks, it does not
avoided the Out of memory message)

When we remove the prepare statement, no leaks occurs anymore.

I've checked the VCL and it does not call the prepare method if we
have called it explicitly before. So it does not seems to be caused by
the VCL but by the Oracle native driver...

Does anybody already encounter this problem ? Any other idea ?


Thierry De Leeuw