HELP: Please help, what client-tool to use for developing , client-server applications?

Your observations about some of the difficulties and expense of the Oracle
tools are correct. I have programmed in several database vendors tools as
well as in Visual Basic, C, Visual C++, PowerBuilder, Access, .....

You got a strong recommendation for Powerbuilder. I have found
PowerBuilder to be a good tool, but I found the  the technical support was
bad and the product was not flexible. The main stregnth of PowerBuilder is
the datawindow. If you want an application that works exactly like their
datawindow grid, that is great. If not, it is a problem. I have found
Delphi to be easy to use, powerful, flexible, extendable, inexpensive, and
fast. I would need to know more about your application to know if it is
the ideal tool for you. but it is a good bet.
Good luck.

On Tue, 1 Apr 1997, Joe Palm wrote:
> Savas,

> Then you should consider the fact that some highly respected trade
> journals chose Powerbuilder 5.0 as their 1996 product of the year, over
> Developer2000, Delphi and VB.

> Since these experts compared all these products for us, why should we
> reinvent the wheel?

> I believe Powerbuilder's price/performance to be excellent, and given
> the extensive examples that come with the product, you will have a
> built-in tutor to help you through things as you develop your first
> application...not to mention the significant online resources such as
> this newsgroup.

> I hope this helps, Savas.