Forwarding a TidMessage

I am trying to use indy components to forward emails onto a storage account
as soon as they are recieved in my mail account.

I start off using a idPop3 to connect to my Exchange server.
Then I call the idPop3.retrieve(I, idMessage1); to load the message into
What I would prefer to do is simply call SMTP.Send(idMessage1), but this
sometimes raises errors due to the TidText count.

If there is only 1 TidText component I simply add it to the message body,
transfer the contentType and ContentTransfer (given that they are not blank)
of the TidText to the ContentType and ContentTransferEncoding of the

This works for most cases but in some cases the begining of the text,
usually html, gets cut off somewhere in the send.  I think it has something
to do with the encoding but am not quite sure what.

If anyone knows why this happens or knows a better way to forward the emails
it would be greatly appreciated.