Apology for posting multiple copies of messages.

Sorry for the multiple copies of a couple of messages I posted tonight.

I've been having problems with my outgoing SMTP mail server
and was retrying my posts and mail messages when it said
that it couldn't get through to the server.

I had no idea until I came back to comp.lang.pascal.borland for
another look before I quit for the night that all my attempts
were queued up and waiting to go through - I thought only the
one that didn't give me an error message was going to go through.

Anyway the problem is solved - my ISP had changed the first part
of the mail server's name from "mailhost" to "SMTP" and didn't
tell anybody - I found out by waiting on the phone for an hour
until a tech was free to tell me what the problem was.
I imagine the line was so busy because everyone else was trying
to get the same question answered.

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