Performance MSSQL with ODBC vs. Native Driver


I have been using D3 Pro-->BDE-->ODBC-->MS SQL 6.5 for several large systems
and it has been very stable and very fast for us.

Yes, ODBC was considered to be the "native" or preferred access method for
MS SQL server... up to now that is... With the advent of MS SQL Sever 7.0,
ADO is now the preferred method, but ODBC will be around for quite a while!

While we decided to stick with the Pro version, the SQL Links is NOT the
only thing different between the Pro and C/S versions... there are several
items included with the C/S version that I _definitely_ miss during
development, however I was NOT the one who decided to purchase the pro

So, to determine if the C/S version was worth the extra cost, you will have
to take more into account than just the access method provided with it.

Out of curiosity, have you done anything with SQL Server 7.0 yet??? Let us
know what you think!!!


Bruce Lomasky wrote in message <74bq7b$>...
>I just upgraded to Delphi 4 c/s.  My question was it worth the money?
>Specifically, I am only using MSSQL in a two-tier system.  How much faster
>more stable is the native gateway vs. the ODBC?  I notice that Microsoft
>just uses the ODBC for their benchmarks which leads me to believe that it
>must perform reasonably well.  Any comments on performance would be


>Bruce Lomasky