BDE "Directory is Busy"

While testing a Delphi program I had to kill it.  After that I
couldn't restart it because I get "Directory is Busy" error.  So I
deleted all files in the application's private directory and try
again.  Got the same error.  So I exit and restart Delphi 3 and try to
run the program again and still get that error.  I noticed that I also
had 32bit Paradox 7 open.  So I exit Delphi 3 and Paradox 7 and
restart Delphi and run the program.  Now it works.  Therefore the BDE
must have thought the directory was still being used until it was
closed itself.  Is there any way to get the BDE to close a session
that was killed without having to close all apps using the BDE?


Don Gollahon (