Another "Beginner" question (several, actually)

Hello again!

I plan on distributing the program I am writing that involves a database.
As you may know from my previous question, this is my first database
application with Delphi, and my first Delphi app. in years.

Right now, I have my database that is 5 tables (was 4 in my last post, but I
added one) in Access2000.  My program will be manipulating this database,
adding to it, removing from it, etc.,  all the stuff you normally do with a

My question is about security.  I want to application to be able to access
the database with no problem, but I don't want anyone being able to open the
.MDB file and poaching all my data.  What is the easiest way to have the
program be able to be able to securely access this Access2000 database?

My next question deals with Access -vs- whatever.  Since I have Access, is
this the best way to go, since it's so "easy" to use?  I have the Interbase
stuff, but have never even looked at it before.

And, finally, when I distribute this application, it seems obvious that I am
going to have to add the DSN to their Datasources / ODBC / whatever Control
Panel.  Is there any easy way to do this?  Can I bypass using Windows
datasources and instead just deal with my .MDB file as a file database?  It
seems like that would be easier to deal with on such a small application.  I
wouldn't have to jack with their datasources and mess with their settings at
all, that way.

Thanks in advance!  Enjoy your weekend.  I will - as soon as I get rolling
on this project =)