Logged On User over Network

Well, i came across your post and saw that you are trying to do exactly what i

What i've found so far is this:  "NetWkstaUserEnum" it's in the netapi32.dll

This is the function i have:

function NetWkstaUserEnum( servername: PWideChar;
                           level : DWord;
                           var bufptr: Pointer;
                           prefmaxlen: DWord;
                           var entriesread: PDWord;
                           var totalentries: PDWord;
                           var resumehandle: PDWord ): LongInt ;
                           stdcall; external 'netapi32.dll' name
end; { Find Logged on User }

But I can't figure out how to set up the "call" function. If you could help, it
would be appreciated.

Kent Jones

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