Problem translating VB code to Delphi

Hello all,

I want to contact an OLE server and get some data from it. I have some VB code,
which works, translated it to Delphi, but it don't work.
Here is the VP code:

    Dim Controller As VPinMAMELib.Controller
    Dim Game As VPinMAMELib.Game


    For Each Game In Controller.Games
        Dim Item As ListItem

        Set Item = GameList.ListItems.Add(1, Game.Name, Game.Description)
        Item.SubItems(1) = Game.Manufacturer
        Item.SubItems(2) = Game.Year
        Item.SubItems(3) = Game.Name
        Item.SubItems(4) = Game.CloneOf
        Item.SubItems(5) = "Unknown"
        Item.SubItems(6) = Game.Roms.StateDescription

    Next Game

here is my translation just for testing:


The problem is the third line. When executing this line, the following
error occurs:
   Project raised exception class EOleError with message 'Method name'
   not supported by automation object.
Okay, game.Name is not a method but just a string. What is the correct
way to get the 'Name' property of the 'game' object?
Thanks in advance,

   Roland Scholz