Use BDE 5.01 with SequeLink ODBC 4.51 to connect an Oracle 8 database

Dear All,

I have to use use SequeLink ODBC Edition 4.51 to access an Oracle8
database with DELPHI/BDE 5.01, and the following problem occurs:

 - The DBE make a NEW connection at each SELECT when the previous one
has results pending !!! With my 50's of tables, and with the 7.5 MB per
connection required by SequeLink on server side, the server comes 'Run
At Virtual Memory' before my application is started...

  This problem does not occurs when I use the Oracle ODBC driver. Thus,
I have checked the differences between the two trace files of the two
ODBC drivers.

  The main interesting difference I discover is the response of the
ODBC drivers to the BDE question 'SQL_ACTIVE_STATEMENTS'

  The result of this question must be an SQLUSMALLINT value specifying
the maximum number of active statements that the driver can support for
a connection. A statement is defined as active if it has results
pending, with the term results meaning rows from a SELECT operation
or rows affected by an INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE operation (such as a
row count), or if it is in a NEED_DATA state. This value can reflect a
limitation imposed by either the driver or the data source. If there is
no specified limit or the limit is unknown, this value is set to zero.

  The answer of the Oracle ODBC driver is 0, on the contrary the answer
of the SequeLink ODBC driver is 50. And I wonder if the BDE
misunderstands the value 50 gived by the SequeLink ODBC driver. The BDE
works like it treat this answer like a binary value:

 = 0  -> Try each SQL statement in the same connection
 <> 0 -> If the last SQL statement has results pending open a new
connection ...

  I will appreciate any help or advice, and please do not hesitate to
contact me if you need further information.


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