Memofields in D1 with Oracle7

There are many problems with Delphi 1 (it seems also with D2) concerning
memo- and blob-fields.

I'm still looking for a possibility to save memo-fields in an ORACLE7-
database using the TQuery-parameters.

Example: update obj
           set name = :pName,
               long_text = :pLongText
           where idno = :pIdNo

with pLongText-type = ftMemo (does not work). It will work with
pLongText-type = ftString and Length(pLongText)  <= 256, but what
to do with the longer entries.
I found a fix using TBatchMove from the local machine to a
Oracle-temp-table, and following using an Oracle-procedure
to save the temp-table-memo to the destination-table. But this
takes also a long time.

Saving this fields using a TTable-object does not solve my problem,
because the TTable.Open takes about 30 seconds to process (The table
has about 60 fields and qabout 20 indexes and the BDE loads all the
information at every first TTable.Open within one application; perhaps
a local mirrored data dictionnary would be a good proposal here,
as done by other c/s-dev-products).

It's not a bug, but I think, a professional c/s-development-tool
should be able to save fields longer than 256 bytes back to the

There is a BDE-function DbiQSetParams, with perhaps could work
also with ftMemo-fields, but it is not documented anywhere
(It is used in the TQuery-source of D1).

Thanks in advance for any ideas.

Ulrich Kamp

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