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Send keystrokes to DOS-window


I use ShellExecute to start a DOS application, and get so a handle of
this application (DOS window). How can I send some keystrokes to this
application ? (D2)

(When you answer, please send a copy to, because I
don't read Newsgroups everyday...)

Ralf Ebert
From Kamenz, Germany
Sorry my bad English.


Re:Send keystrokes to DOS-window

I was able to download Lloyd's Delphi Help File from which
contains source code for a SendKey Procedure as well as source code for a
Delphi 1.0 created DLL.  I used the DLL and it works exactly like the
Paradox for Windows 5.0 Sendkeys Method.

FYI: To find the Sendkey Source Code in Lloyd's Help File (Ldelphi.hlp)
you must use the Search button and type in sendkey.
Marc A. Gaines

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