1 Bit Bitmaps

Still having trouble with Win98 and a Diamond Viper TNT2 graphics card
running on a 500Mhz P111 Dell.

The problem is that as soon as I set the PixelFormat to pf1Bit it
crashes in the display driver. Any other PixelFormat is O.K. Windows NT
is O.K. running the same graphics card, but with the NT driver.

Having read everyone's comments about the order of:

        Width := 100;
        Height := 100;
        PixelFormat := pf1Bit;

More by luck than good judgement, this was the order they happened to be

I tried playing with the order and found the following. The program will
always crash if the PixelFormat command is executed after the Width AND
Anywhere else, the program does NOT crash, but I then suffer from the
remarkable problem that the bitmap will only display all white.

Any comments much appreciated.

Best regards,

Graham Powell