ODBC -- problem creating .mdb table

Hi expert,
In the book of:"Delphi5 Developer's Guide"I was following an
example of connecting TTable to an MSAccess DB using ODBC.
First I created a User DSN - using "ODBC Data Source Administrator-.
Then I created an ODBC driver in BDE Administrator->Configuration->
Drivers->ODBC. Then I created a Database in BDE Administrator->Databases.
Then I tried to create a MSAccess table using Desktop Database.
After defining fields of a table, when I wanted to save it, a "Save
Table As" dialog box appeared and after selecting Alias field of this
dialog, another dialog box -"Database Information"- appeared and asked
me to enter Database, User Name, and Password.It didn't accept
whatever I entered in these fields. I'm sure that I never defined
Username and Password while creaing a DSN.

So I couldn't create a MSAccess Table.
What's wrong?
thanks in advance,