Using Native Driver with BDE2.5/Sybase SQL Anywhere

I'm looking for information on how to obtain the native database
driverto connect to an SQL Anywhere (ver 5.5.04).  We are using BDE 2.5
and we have Delphi 4 Desktop, which came with Delphi 1.0.  We are using
the 16-bit Delphi 1.0 version, because one of the programs we use is
16-bit.  We don't have any printed documentation on Delphi or the SQL
Anywhere database.  I myself am not familiar with the programs, so I'm
not sure exactly what driver I'm looking for.  I've searched the borland
and sybase websites.  I've also read quite a few posts in this
newsgroup.  It sounds like the Client/Server version includes many more
native drivers.  Does anyone know if  a SQL Anywhere driver that would
work is included in the C/S version of Delphi?  Would that work for us?
If so, can you get it anywhere else, or do you have to purchase a C/S

Sorry if I sound ignorant on the subject, I AM... I've only begun to
find out these products today and the people I work with do not know
much about the current or newer versions of Delphi.  Any help would be
much appreciated.

Matt Phillips