right truncate error with blob over 255 chars.

Hello all you zombies,

I'm trying to move some data from an SQL Server database to an access
database. When I try to move a varchar 4000 field into an Access 97 Memo
field I get the following error:

[Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver]String data, right truncated,

Bleh. I am reading the SQL Server table with a TQuery and inserting into the
Access database using an INSERT statement in a TQuery. I am trying to assign
the data with the TQuery.TParam.LoadFromStream method. I also tried the
.AsString method, the SetBlobData method plus everything else I could think

Oh, the .AsBlob doesn't truncate, but I get all question marks in my Access
field instead of the actual data. Don't even ask me what that's all about.

I am using the BDE Version 5.1, Delphi 5 and, obviously, ODBC.

Any help is truely appreciated. I think TTables work, but I'm trying to
avoid them at all costs due to other problems.