Announce: TCompress 3.01, TSegCompress 3.01

Just released: TCompress Component Set V3.01
File and Database Compression Components for Delphi and C++ Builder

=== Key features:

* Standard support for Delphi 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 and C++ Builder
* NATIVE compression -- no mucking about with DLLs, OCXes et al
* Multi-file compressed archives using the TCompress component
* Database BLOB (memo, image) compression with TCDBMemo,
  TCDBimage and (for Delphi 3.0 only) TCDBRichText
* In-memory compression using streams
* Event hooks for customizable user interaction
* Built-in RLE (Run-Length Encoding)and LZH
  (Lempel-Ziv-Huffman) compression
* Easy to add your own custom compression routines at any time
* Functions and examples to support compressed resources
  and self-extracting EXEs
* Key-based compressed data protection
* Loads of example source included
* Full component source code available
* Registration $US65 (new users)  $US34 (upgrade for previous users)

Download your free evaluation copy from

=== Also just released from Ken McClain ( is:
TSegCompress 3.01 Component Suite

TSegCompress is a set of add-on components for TCompress which permit the easy creation and management of segmented archives (e.g. one archive split over several floppies). New TSegEasy component makes backup and restore operations a drop-and-play programming job!

Full support for Delphi 1 and 2 included (Delphi 3 pending), source code available.
Registration only $US20.

Download a trial version from



Peter Hyde, South Pacific Information Services Ltd, Christchurch, NZ
* TCompress 3.01 File and Database Compression for Delphi/C++
* SPIS Webview 2.9 Offline Browser
* SPIS WebWatch 1.1 Site Monitor
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