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Thx a Lot ...

Next Stupid Question ...

          Where can I find the FAQ ? *sorryIreallydon'tknow*


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Re:Thx a Lot ...

Patrick Bothe at Patrick Bothe <> said:

>Next Stupid Question ...

>          Where can I find the FAQ ? *sorryIreallydon'tknow*

If you had read the Mini-FAQ posted weekly on Sunday's you would have

* Pascal FAQs:
   - The infamous, ubiquitous, mandatory and downright useful
     Timo Salmi's 'Common Turbo Pascal Questions and Timo's answers'
     is available at
     Note that this runs to over 150 questions and answers and a list
     of Question Titles is posted monthly to comp.lang.pascal.borland    

The Mini-FAQ:
 Copies available from

  Old versions from

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