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Duplicate Resources Error

I'm working on the project from hell, and, some 30 screens and about
100 table/query calls later, I suddenly start popping up this error:

Duplicate resource identifier(G:\delphi\lib\controls.res)
<Help . . .>
Compiler Error 164: Duplicate Resource Identifier
This resource file contains a resource with a name or identifier that
has already been used by another resource.

I'm using Delphi 1, an odbc into access2 tables.

What seems to have brought this all on was trying to create and use
custom cursors. I think I clobberred every reference to the new
cursors, and I didn't store any information in control.res - it still
shows a time stamp of 1995 (yearstamp?) So, if some other resource
files wants to use the same identifier, how do I handle this?

What to do, what to do . . .

{*word*106} Kerrigan


Re:Duplicate Resources Error

I deleted the resource file for the project. Several times. Finally,
it cleared up the problem. I had modified the resource file to add a
custom icon. Apparently, a totally independent resource file is the
way to go.

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