Wonder if anyone can shed some light on this particular problem.

Firstly, I'm using Delphi 3, BDE 4.5, Paradox 7, NT Server (for Paradox
tables and EXE) and Windows 95 clients. BTW, Local Share is set to True on
all WIN 95 clients.

In an attempt to minimise the amount of open table connections I have made a
concerted effort to open tables as and when necessary. I am also closing the
tables/queries in the OnClose event of the form. Yet, if I use the NT Server
utility and check open resources I still see that some of the files are
OPEN! Surely if I explicitly call the Close method the resource should not
be held open?

I've also noticed that even though a user may have exited the app the Server
still has open connections for some of the files. This is quite a pain when
you're wanting to some form of maintenance eg. rebuild indexes (a continuous
task with Paradox!).

Any ideas?