Inserting TDBRichEdit into TDBCtrlGrid

Hi all,

  I have a DBCtrlGrid with A DBMemo component within it.  I would like to
change this to a TDBRichEdit, but the Delphi says 'control cannot be used in
a DBCtrlGrid'.

I traced the code to the ControlStyle property, which must have csReplicable
within it to allow the insert.  I then built an inherited component with
this added setting, which Delphi then allowed to be added to the grid.  The
problem is:  The datasource property is not automatically set when inserted,
and when set manually, does not perform in the expected manner - each row of
the DBCtrlgrid shows the current record, instead of the record for that row!

1. Does anyone know what setting I would need to change to allow this to
work the way expected?,

2.  or, Is there a technical reason why Borland did not include this
functionality into the VCL in the first place?

Thanks in advance

Ben Laan