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Repost: Help on "Data Structure Corruption"

It is not a simple application. It is not webbased.

Let me rephrase the question:
Under what circumstances can the message
"Data Structure Corruption" be returned from
the BDE? If there are many circumstances,
please give the the top three...

Is this documented in any white papers?

I did notice that the Rollback in my application
works once and then any subsequent attempts
it returns the error.

Are there any white papers on Transaction control
with DBase IV tables?

- Mike


Re:Repost: Help on "Data Structure Corruption"


We have recently been battling with this problem.   I managed to track it
down to a single subroutine of ours.  The subroutine did nothing
spectacular.  It didn't even save a record !  All it did was a
TTable.Locate etc.  Removing the subroutine from being executed during the
transaction solved the problem.  It is worth noting that NO data base
changes had even been made at the point the routine was called, so no data
had even been attempted to be saved.

I had it on advice that Paradox Tables with autoinc fields could cause
problems (as do writing to memos --- so I gather) during transactions, and
strangly enough this file is the only one in the system with an autoinc.

However .... the table is used ALL over the place and take place in EVERY
single transaction in our system (it is the transaction log !) and it
doesn't cause a problem elsewhere.  It just went wrong in a particular
circumstance that I haven't as yet been able to sort out.

If you come up with any answers then I'd love to know.  Including the 'top
three' reasons.  Its a very unhelpful message.

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