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Delphi3.02CS Unstable during Design Time/Shut down

Recently I am getting an error while working on he database project using
Delphi + Access when doing the following: Start Delphi>Load Project>Close
Project>Exit Delphi:

Exception EAccessViolation in module VCL30.dpl at 04D0849C. Access
at address.04D0849C. Read of address 04D0849C.

Where is this thing coming from..? I am beginner to Delphi just got D3.02
but I can't work in unstable envir. during design time....



Re:Delphi3.02CS Unstable during Design Time/Shut down

I have CS 3 and sometimes get this message on my notebook which have only 16
MB of ram. 32 MB desktop works fine (although after extensive use I got it
once there too). Best thing is to ignore. Just start delphi again. My
opinion is that is both windows and IDE fault. IDE was always a bit
unstable, but its not critical. Given all the benefits od delphi its easy to
ignore it. Other thing is that windows, especially windows 3.1x always gives
back less memory when terminating application  then he allocated to it. So,
repeatedly opening and closing, lets say hmmm, Word or Delphi will
eventually crash your system.

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