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TeeChart problem


I'm using TeeChart From D5. I have a form with two charts, one above the
other. They are basically the same graph except that the left-axis scales
are different.

When I plot the graphs I have problems with these axes. The problem is the
left axis position relation between both charts. This axis should appear at
the same vertical position on the screen. However I can only get this to
occur when the LABELS are exactly the same length. I've used fixed width
fonts - space padded, but that does not work.

Basically, if I detect that scale of the left axis of each chart is out of
synch, then I want the make both left-axes align vertically.

The bottom axis of each chart are identical in scale.

Can anyone help?



Re:TeeChart problem

I found it. One needs to set the axis LAberlSize parameter to something that
will align the axes.

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