What am I doing wrong

Hi All

                I have built an MDI application that will when data is
loaded plot a graph of that data in it's own window, I want to have many
different graph windows open at once with different data.

        I can create many different instances of the graph window called
TfrmPlot by doing

        with TfrmPlot.Create(self) do

        My TfrmPlot form uses a class I made myself called TGraph, this is
where the graph data is stored for each plot on the graph, hence the
TfrmPlot.FormCreate handler is:

        ThisGraph := TGraph.Create(self);

and the data gets stored in:
        ThisGraph.Data := plotdata;

        However it appears that all my instances of frmPlot share the same
TGraph class and have not created their own one. Why is this and I do I
force each instance of frmPlot to create a new instance of TGraph.

Thanks for your help


Rathe Hollingum (member of the CGGB)
home-page at: http://www.york.ac.uk/~rh113/
Alternative e-mail address: ra...@dial.pipex.com