Editing field in DBedit Box

I am possibly dealing with is a Delphi IDE bug. Let me give you a detailed
conceptual overview of what my situation is.
I have a form with a datasource and a TQuery(Actually an Infopower Query
component) but in this context that does not matter. The
query has a simple SQL select from table XXX order by propno. This is the
key field giving me the problems. I also have a datamodule
with buku components but the table giving me the problem is Table2 index
fieldname is propno. Its master source is Form1.Datasource1 and its master
field is propno. This is basically creating a master-detail relationship
between the query1 on Form1
as the master and Table2 in the data module as the detail and they are
joined by field propno. At this point everything works fine and
dandy. My DBEditBox is getting its field value for the telephone field from
the detail table but it comes in as 6142799225. Now I want
to make it appear as 614-279-9225. So, I right click my detail table, add
the field for phone and pick an edit mask for phone for it. As
soon as I activate the detail table, I am thrown an error saying "Cannot
Access Index field propno". I have tried several combinations of
switching fields but only in despair. I also tried right clicking the
detail table to make a calculated field and on the OnCalcField event of
the Ttable put some code to parse out the field. Now when I make my DBedit
point to the new calculated field, I get the same error
Cannot access Index field propno.
At this point I cannot afford to spend more time on this problem,  however
I would appreciate any kind of assistance from anybody.
          Sam Kapoor