Shifting Blocks in the Delphi Editor

Sundial Services wrote:

> In article <4eo0r2$> (John C. Fowler) writes:

> >Hi.  I use to know how to shift blocks of code right or left using
> >Delphi's editor, but I can't remember how.  Could someone e-mail me
> >or post the key combinations to use once a block of text has been
> >highlighted?

> Shift+Control+U and Shift+Control+I.  The editor has a number of obscure and
> obscurely-documented niceities that are buried somewhere in the on-line help.

> /mr/

You can also use Control+K+I and Control+K+U which goes all of the way back
to Turbo Pascal 3.0 (or maybe earlier).  

Dave Cappellucci
Acappella Publishing