Sybase Stored Procedure, no output values

I'm not resaving any output values from a Stored Procedure in a
Sybase database. Its a simple procedure, one input parameter @InId
and one output parameter Name. The values that I'm resiving are
integer = 0 and strings ''.

Calling a simple procedure in SQL65 using this code works well

   with SQL65.StoredProc1 do
         ParamByName('@InId').AsInteger := Id;
         NameEd.text := ParamByName('Name').AsString;
         lTemp := ParamByName('Nr').AsString;
  NrEd.text := IntToStr(lTemp);

In the help files of Delphi4 this example is given:

   While not StoredProc1.EOF do
 {Do Something}
   Edit1.Text := StoredProc1.ParamByName('Putput');

But it does not work and doesent look very logical. (But what dose
{Do Something} mean?)