Accessing Tables from an MS-SQL server throug the BDE in the Database desktop

I have make a connection throug the BDE interface from the delphi 4.0
client serve suite to connect to the SQL server from microsoft. In the in
the delphi
database desktop utility I have problems if I use a query into multiple

If I use a single table query as:

      SELECT name FROM ":main:nametable" nt
      WHERE = "YVES"

I will asked to login for this database and thereafter my query is

If I use multiple  tables in my  query as:

      SELECT name, address FROM ":main:nametable" nt,
                                              ":main:addresstable" ad,
      WHERE = "YVES"
      AND =

After certain times the BDE interface will responce with an error:
"Operation not applicable"
more detailed > Unable to open table.

Can someone help me to solve this problem ?