ANN . AHM System Components Triton98

Hi there,

Finally a preview of the system subset of the AHM Triton Tools has been
released. This subset will become commercially available on its own very
soon but it will also ship as part of the full AHM Triton Tools. So whatever
your need, either one of these two great sets should cover it.
38 Non-visual components for all your needs within delphi can now be
downloaded at .

Following is just some of the information the system components can do for
you :
TAHMExitWindows - will help your Application to trigger Windows to exit
TAHMFileExecute - will help your Application to execute Files, trigger the
default e-mail client, open webpages .. etc.
TAHMTopMost - will help your Form to stay on top of all other Applications
TAHMOnlyOne - will limit the number of Instances that your Application can
have running
TAHMMsgDlg - will help you configure and execute Message Dialogs easier
TAHMMsgBox - will help you configure and execute Message Boxes easier
TAHMMsgSelect - will help you configure and execute a Selection Dialog
TAHMStartup - will help you configure your Application to start up
automatically when Windows starts without being part of the Startup group
TAHMScreensaver - will help you execute the screensaver and retrieve
information about the setup of it
TAHMTimeTrigger - triggers events at a specified time (good scheduling
TAHMWallPaper - will change Windows Wallpaper to the specified Image and
TAHMTrialRun - will enable Shareware protection in your Application
TAHMFormHook - will hook itself into the Forms Messaging system to receive
all messages past to it
TAHMMouseController - controls the mouse on the screen
TAHMWavePlayer - plays wave files
TAHMCDTriggers - receives eventinformation about CD's being inserted or
TAHMVersionDetails - acts as an Interface for your applications version
TAHMSystemKeys - enables/disables Numlock,Capslock and Scrolllock
TAHMMultiLists - holds multiple list of information (NOT AVAILABLE IN DELPHI
2.0 yet)
TAHMFormSizes - limits the size of the form to specified values
TAHMFormAspect - sets the ascpect of a forms sizes (good for displaying
images according to a certain aspect)
TAHMDriveVolume - displays information about every drive
TAHMApplication - acts as an interface to all Application Properties and
TAHMStoreData - enables easy communication with an Inifile or the registry
TAHMIllegalAbort - will detect if the last run of your application was
illegally aborted (good for Applications that need to keep data in sink)
TAHMFormSaver - will store and retrieve the form settings automatically
TAHMLogFile - will enable the saving of special information to a logfile.
(Good for debugging too)
TAHMTextReplace - will help you to search and replaces bits and pieces of
TAHMSystemTray - will enable your application to reside in the Systemtray
TAHMFileProperties - displays information about the properties of files
TAHMFileOperator - will act as an interface to explorer to allow you to
copy,rename,move and delete files
TAHMDroppedFiles - activates and receives information about files dropped
onto the form
TAHMSystemDetails - displays all kind of information about the system where
your application is running
TAHMFileCollector - will help you to do wildcard searches for specific files
on a drive
TAHMStringHolder - holds a list of information which can be arranged and
sorted just as if it was an invisible listbox
TAHMJokeHolder - holds numerous jokes by default (one of my first components
TAHMFormExplode - enables effects like the exploding of forms out of your
TAHMResourceInfo - displays information about the available resource of the
system where the application is running

Have fun, Alexander Mehlhorn

 Alexander Mehlhorn (AHM)
 Developer of the AHM Add-Ons for Delphi and C++ Builder
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