MainMenu cut&paste from foreign windows

My main menu cut&paste menu functions relyies on


This works so long as the user uses CTRL-X CTRL-V in the foreign
widow. Tthe main menu form does not get focus and does not become the

When user tries to use the main menu rather than the short-cuts,
however, I face a dilemma: How can I know where the user came from ?

I see the Screen.forms array appears to hold an index of active
windows, so screen.forms[0] appears to be the current form,
screen.forms[1] the previous, screen.forms[2] the next previous and so

  {Most recent window := }  Screen.Forms[1].handle

Reading the Delphi documenation I assume:

   Screen.Activeform := Screen.Forms[0]

However, if there are similar components e.g. TEdits on both the
current and most recent form, how can I know which one applies for the
cut & paste?

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