Use Printer.Abort on empty doc = Windows hang !

I used to use Printer.Abort in D1 with no problems. In D3 I
can't use it the same way without it{*word*154} Win 95 (OSR 1).

Procedure Form.Create();
  With printer Do
    {Get some printer details}
    Abort  { since I don't want to print }

I used to get the printer papersize and resolution so I could
scale a memo with text to fit Portrait or Landscape.

1) Is there another simple way to get these data ?

2) Is there a known problem aborting a print job which hasn't
printed anything yet ?

I found a simple work around by Canvas.TextOut(10,10,'Aborted');
before the Abort; so something was present. I don't see why
it should be needed though.


Ray Cramer