Looking for enhanced TBitmap

Hi there,

I followed a recent thread that touched upon a couple problems I'm
having.  The thread dealt mostly with the problem of a PaintBox
losing its handle periodically during processing of various messages
from Windows.  One sub-topic of this discussion was that a TBitmap
seems to always deal with bitmaps of the same color resolution as
the display.  I'm looking for a TBitmap equivalent that can do a
bmp.SaveToFile('...'); where the color resolution can be configured.
Specifically, I always want the BMP file to be 256 colors, even on
a true color display.

Is there such a beast (free, share, or $$$) out there that can do
this, with all the other capabilities that a TBitmap does?  I've
tried the ImageLib software, but it suffers from some documentation
problems (in my opinion) but seems like it might do what I want.  
The other option is to roll my own.  Should I roll up my sleeves, or
does anybody have any great ideas?

David K.

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