Problems loading TDW for BPW 7.0 with huge program and debugging fault in Delphi with BPW programs.

Dear audience

I have gotten some problems with my programs.

First of all, I get stuck with my de{*word*81} TDW for BPW 7.0 when I try to
debug a huge
program, in fact two programs. The biggest is 118454 lines big, has
746510 bytes program
size, 41328 bytes data, 16000 byte stack and 8192 byte heap. To get
compiled, nearly all
units has to be compiled without debug information, in fact only two
units, not big ones are
able to to be enabled in debug mode.

When I try to start de{*word*81}, it runs a few milliseconds, then it get
stucked, and is losing all
control, even Alt-Ctrl-Del doesn't work. The mouse works, but the clock
program doesn't get
updated. Hitting the big reset button is the only thing that works,
except turning off the

Anybody seen this before.

It also get stuck with a miniversion of the program, this being 89419
lines codes with graphic
unit and printer unit. The program is 364364 bytes big, 25248 byte data,
15000 byte stack
and 8192 byte Heap.

Now, if I try to debug another program, number of lines unknown, (around
24000 lines) but
326740 bytes big, 36720 bytes data, 16000 byte stack and 8192 byte heap,
everything works

Trying to start TDW from icon and then load the two first mentioned
programs also freezes
the whole damned thing.

Anyone who has some ideas what has suddenly gone wrong?
It worked nicely until last week, when I added some more lines. Seems
like I have trodden a
magic line :-(

Now, because of these problems, I rechanged the Unit line with a IFDEF
VER80 statement
and included Messages and removed WIN31 in the VER80 statement, plus
removing all
disable debug messages so all units were compiled in debug modus.
Everything works like a
charm, but, I have one BIG problem when debugging the program.

Since the whole thing is event-driven, I need to set the breakpoints in
routines that is called
when an event happens.
As long I'm in the routine called, all works nice, but, immediately I
leave the routine, eg. by
pressing F9 to continue to another event-called routine, Delphi halts
completely with a
message that 'Program XXXX caused an unexpected exception 13 in PASDBK16

Anybody who has gotten this annoying fault message?

Is this a result of Windows not being reentrentant? Or is it a common,
well document bug that
is getting fixed in some future version, eg. Delphi-32 ???

The most annoying thing is that Windows 3.11 bombs completely afterwards
and resets the
whole computer. Is this also happening if you use Windows95 ???

Please write a copy to me if you follow up this message. I'm not going to
be able to read the
group before next monday (being to expensive reading the Usenet Netgroups
at a telephone
taxation rate of NOK 0.71 pr minute, that is 1/10$ pr minute)
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